Global Group Synergy

Member of the NTT Data Group and Toyota Tsusho Group

Global Group Synergy

Serving as a trusted global innovator, CATS is part of the NTT Data Group which comprises 11,000 people in 51 countries around the globe.We work in close collaboration with NTT Group and NTT Data Group technology solutions engineers worldwide as we pursue development activities.Furthermore, we serve as members of the Toyota Tsusho Group (NEXTY Electronics), who is highly experienced and knowledgeable in the field of automotive electronics designed for Toyota Group vehicles,and as a CASE technology corporation we carry out technological development for Toyota Group original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), tier-one companies and others.


Professional Company

CATS is a super professional group with expertise in software engineering Creativity, Free-spirited and Taking on Challenges Learn more

ZIPC Tool Chain

Extensive achievements in development support tools from design area to product development area/tool chain Solution vendor for C-A-S-E Learn more

Global Group Synergy

Member of NTT Data Group and Toyota Tsusho Group Collaborated Development Learn more