About CATS

What kind of company is CATS?

Our company name, CATS, stands for Communication Art Technology Systems,and we are made up of"free-spirited, open-minded people" involved in leading-edge technologies. Based on the key concepts of "creativity,free-spirited, and taking on Challenges", we remain perpetually energetic as we pursue new goals and improvements― and we're good at what we do!

Our company is a welcoming, comfortable place for"free-spirited, open-minded individuals".
In fact, we feel that our current era revolves around such people specifically.
Each employee at CATS has their own, individual style. They work with continually evolving technologies and forge strong interpersonal bonds, while also ensuring sufficient private time outside of the workplace.Everyone retains a sense of playful enjoyment in all endeavors, and they are better at picking up on the changes of the times than anyone else out there.

Generally speaking, such"free-spirited and open-minded people"tend to be"better at their work". They refuse to be satisfied with simply finishing the tasks at hand, instead exploring every avenue available on a quest to uncover fascinating and meaningful things and discover new business-related opportunities.
Once they become involved in an idea or mission, they give it their all,maintaining the highest levels of concentration possible until they reach their goal.
CATS employees love their coffee,and they love their beer as well―
but not nearly as much as they love intellectual contests of the mind, pitting their ideas against one another to discover new things.
None of them ever lords their discoveries over others or brags about superior talents or abilities,
and it goes without saying that CATS employees consider all members to be equal and worthy of respect. Within this supportive environment, each person eventually falls into their intellectual stride; the others recognize this and praise their coworker's abilities.

Such free-spirited members are just at good at play as they are at work―
in fact, one might say they cherish the personal values and private time even more than their professional lives.
For example, some CATS employees listen to music on CDs, but others prefer records instead, as this medium offers a singularly nostalgic and classic sound.
Others give due praise to popular automobiles of the time but have "only one true love while on the road: their own beloved car",the only way they can picture themselves getting around town!
CATS workers are active in a plethora of different fields,their interests extending to every nook and cranny of our world,yet they do not allow themselves to become overwhelmed by an excess of empty information, nor do they take things at face value in a manner absent of critical thought.
Each member uses all of their senses, in addition to their mind, to make good decisions and take in only what is useful.
They do not incorporate meaningless frivolities into their lives,nor do they place limits on the ways in which people should pursue joy and fulfillment.
That's why we at CATS believe those"who are good at play are also good at work",and it is why we created this company.