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Greater development efficiency in functional safety
standard traceability management QCD improvement support


Recently, companies are expected to be accountable for the safety of products and systems with functional safety standards such as IEC61508 and ISO26262.However, as systems are becoming larger and more complicated, it is becoming more difficult to develop perfect products.
If a problem is found in a product or system, the developer, as a company, is required to explain and prove whether it used "right ways". Also, verification by a third party or more precise quality audits is required.Among these quality audits for software, the most important element is traceability.As the functions of products are being advanced, it is unrealistic to ensure perfect traceability with manpower only. That is, traceability tools are required for the verification.


ZIPC TERAS provides an open platform for traceability tools ensuring traceability among all deliverables related to system development.

  • You can generate links for existing deliverables or documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, etc.) without changing them.
  • When a deliverable is changed, you can analyze and check the scope of impact immediately.
  • You can also generate a "traceability matrix" acting as evidence of safety and correctness from traceability information.
  • You can establish a PLM environment with affluent functions collaborating with not only ZIPC series, but also MBD tools (MATLAB/Simulink, Enterprise Architect), PM tools (TRACK, RedMine, JIRA) and SCM tools (SVN, Git).

ZIPC TERAS is an open platform for traceability tools, ensuring traceability among all deliverables related to system development by collaborating with existing deliverables and documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, etc.), MBD tools (MATLAB/Simulink, Enterprise Architect), PM tools (RACK, RedMine, JIRA), SCM tools (SVN, Git).

Features of ZIPC TERAS

Leverage existing assets/environments as they are.

Document files such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF can be imported as they are.Because ZIPC TERAS is used only when traceability is followed, development sites can ensure traceability without changing tools.Also, it supports both manual tracing by item and auto-tracing in case IDs and the tracing rules are established.

Analysis on the scope of impact

If you find a tracing item and the content has to be changed, the scope of impact can be analyzed and displayed immediately to search the places to be changed easily and prevent omissions or oversights for them efficiently.

Traceability matrix

The traceability matrix, which is the evidence of tracing information, can be output to CSV format.

Collaborating with various MBD, PM and SCM tools

In addition to Office Software, it collaborates with MBD tools, (MATLAB/Simulink, Enterprise Architect), PM tools (TRACK, RedMine, JIRA) and SCM tools (SVN, Git) and can be utilized as not only a simple traceability tool but also as a PLM tool.

Operational Environment
OS Windows 7 SP1(32bit, 64bit)
Windows 8.1(32bit, 64bit)
Memory 8GB or more
CPU CPU core i5 or more






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