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Smart Test


Smart Test Solution

Traceability+Senario Based Development(SBD) + Efficiency, automation, and quality improvement with automatic evaluation!


In the cockpit, connected, and cabin areas, we believe that it is not possible to eliminate a wide variety of complex and unpredictable use cases (scenarios) simply by evaluating "operation, communication, and display."In the future, it will be necessary to evaluate the surrounding environment, driver status, vehicle information, driving status, cloud information, etc. Therefore, we provide a one-stop evaluation verification environment in "traceability + SBD + automatic evaluation environment" with Smart Test Solution. Efficient defect detection is possible by automatically generating test cases that take into account the effects of scenes, which was lacking in conventional tests.


Smart Test Solution

SBD function features 1

Visualize scenes and situations that are likely to occur in practice, and check whether the system works without problems.

SBD function features 2

By adding the viewpoint of indirect function to the normal use case (scenario), you can check the operation according to the actual user procedure.

We support user scenario testing with Smart Test Solution!


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