NTT DATA Automobiligence Research Center, Ltd.



Greetings from Management

Akifumi Nakai, CEO

In our daily life, movement plays a large role, and we spend a considerable amount of time moving.
About a century has passed since the spread of automobiles, and CASE technology has begun to spread in mobility development, and the Internet has become indispensable for mobile hardware. In this way, there is no doubt that there is a direction toward a social system that cooperates with various computers scattered in the moving space, and the role of software in that will increase and become more and more important.

Automatic driving is a typical example, and cutting-edge software groups such as AI will work together to automate driving more safely and comfortably. I imagine that new mobility software will be needed in the future when it is taken for granted in mobility systems. Software that makes use of travel time, software that makes use of freedom from the restrictions of the road, etc.
Good software comes from the right use of the high level of human intelligence. We believe that a mobility society that makes consumers happy will come by integrating software that makes the most of this intelligence into mobility, which is becoming more automated due to computer systemization.To achieve this, we need R&D of software technology that can automate mobility gently and conveniently by incorporating a high degree of intelligence.

Cats Co., Ltd. is a group of researchers and engineers who are familiar with software engineering such as engineering technology that optimally develops state machines using computers and have been studying R&D of automotive software for many years. Functions as an R & D center that contributes to the construction of the ideal next-generation mobility society by adding and integrating cutting-edge software engineers and materials such as AI and connected agents from inside and outside the NTT DATA Group with Cats Co., Ltd. In December 2020, we became NTT DATA Automotive Intelligence Laboratories, Inc.
In December 2020, we became NTT DATA Automobiligence Research Center with the desire to contribute to the next-generation mobility society by adding and integrating these.
This vision cannot be realized by us alone. We would be grateful if we could co-create with companies that have similar aspirations, such as software that transforms mobility, companies that create and distribute hardware, companies that make systems, and companies that work on services.

Akifumi Nakai, CEO

Masahiko Watanabe, Vice President and CTO, Doctor of Engineering

At NTT DATA Automobiligence Research Center, one of our missions is to bring about innovation through boundary area research.

Specifically, we are currently conducting the following research with the main target of automatic driving.

  • Model a skilled driver with a cognitive science approach
  • Scenario simulation platform that integrates data-driven deep learning and knowledge-driven ontology
  • Safety argument from multiple perspectives

In the future, we will integrate and research multiple fields such as software engineering, knowledge engineering, control engineering, and machine learning in cognition, judgment, and control, targeting fields such as smart cities and robots.

Masahiko Watanabe, Vice President and CTO, Doctor of Engineering



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