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Global Group Synergy
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Global Group Synergy

Serving as a trusted global innovator, NTT DATA Automobiligence Research Center, Ltd. is part of the NTT Data Group which comprises 11,000 people in 51 countries around the globe.We work in close collaboration with NTT Group and NTT Data Group technology solutions engineers worldwide as we pursue development activities.Furthermore, we serve as members of the Toyota Tsusho Group (NEXTY Electronics), who is highly experienced and knowledgeable in the field of automotive electronics designed for Toyota Group vehicles,and as a CASE technology corporation we carry out technological development for Toyota Group original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), tier-one companies and others.



state-of-the-art company

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NTT DATA Automobiligence Research Center, Ltd. is an organization made up of software engineering professionals.Equipped with a leading-edge research and development division, our company has served over the years as an industrial-use tool vendor in advanced development and design fields, providing numerous products to customers throughout the manufacturing industry.In addition, we have taken part in a large number of nationally funded R&D projects throughout our corporate history.
Currently, we are focusing our efforts on R&D for next-generation automobiles in the automotive CASE* field, particularly in joint efforts related to self-driving vehicles, and in vehicle safety valuation and verification platforms. These years of dedicated research and study have resulted in numerous master's and doctoral degrees among our staff.
*CASE: connected, autonomous, shared & service, electric
For reference purposes:
Nationally funded projects in which we took part in 2017 include the Next-generation Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Core Technology Development Project, Next-generation Artificial Intelligence Technology Field Project, and Project Toward Achievement of and Safety- and Security-field Applications for Integrated Technologies that Realize Real-time Ontological Reasoning.

Professional Company



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