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Consultation by CATS is "practical consulting" leveraging experience gained from many prior investigations and development focusing on in-vehicle software development.We devise technological strategies through conversations with you and offer and support you for technical elements, development technology and management technology.

CATS Solution

Examples of Solution Consulting Service

Traceability control support / Environment establishment service

We help you solve traceability control problems such as establishment of a development process considering traceability, documentation and establishment of environments.

Consulting for Environment Establishment
ツof Software Product Line (SPL) Tools

We help you establish an environment and define a process for the tools best suited for development efficiency and quality improvement of software development for many types of applications.

Support Service for Creation and Improvement of Upstream Documents

We support you from definition of required specifications without oversights or omissions to documentation complying with international standards.

Educational Support Service
for Engineers of Embedded Systems

Based on "Education Guideline" of Embedded Technology Skill Standards(ETSS), we aim to master skills useful for actual development.

Traceability control support / Environment establishment service

Do you manage traceability properly?

By ensuring C traceability, you can not only meet international standards like those of functional safety, but also manage the quality, cost and delivery schedule (QCD) of system development more effectively.Especially, at off-shore developments and maintenance phases, traceability is more important.

Do you have these situations?

  • Only the person in charge has the expertise and often no one else on the site has the required knowledge.
  • It is difficult to verify that requirements are fulfilled or tested without omissions or oversights.
  • It is easy to analyze the scope of impact due to requirement changes and errors, and therefore rectification omissions are eliminated.


Effects expected through this service

By ensuring and maintaining traceability, we "visualize" connection of information in the development process to make management easier.

  • As tacit knowledge turns into explicit knowledge, there is nothing that "only the person in charge knows".
  • It is easy to verify whether all the requirements have been designed, implemented and tested.
  • It is easy to analyze the scope of impact due to requirement changes and errors, and therefore rectification omissions are eliminated.


Traceability control Leveraging ZIPC TERAS

Collaboration with Free Open Tools

It establishes traceability environment collaborating with Subversion and Trac/Redmine

Model-Based Development +Traceability Control

Collaborating with modeling tools, ZIPC TERAS imports UML and state transition tables to realize traceability control.


By using the existing environment effectively, ALM a traceability environment with a tool chain is realized.


Service Content

  • Local QA Support
  • Installation and Environment Setting of ZIPC TERAS (Until Operation Check)
  • Training Seminar Tours for Users (Local Correspondence)
  • Support for Creation of Rule Files and Filter Files of ZIPC TERAS
  • Support for Traceability Establishment for Existing Assets
  • Support for Creation of Document Templates for Various Documents
  • Support for Creation of Process Definition and Operation Guide Optimal for ZIPC TERAS Operation
  • Customization of ZIPC TERAS Depending on Development Process and Environment (Tool Collaboration, Functional Enhancement, etc.)


Consulting Service to Establish Software Product Line (SPL) Tool Environment

Are you looking for how to improve development efficiency and quality of development of many types of software?
Our consultants will help you establish a tool environment best suitable for you and define a process.

What is Software Product Line (SPL)?

Software Product Line is a software development method to develop many types of software.By taking software to components and reusing them to configures each new product, cost and period of development are reduced.By applying Software Product Line, you can improve development efficiency.

Traceability for SPL is required.

To realize high quality in software development, it is required to associate different deliverables developed from multiple processes with each other to manage them.

In addition, requirements depending on products and common requirements are managed separately in Software Product Line.This management enables you to check linkage coverage among deliverables and analyze the impact at change to develop high quality products.


Preparation of Process and Organizations

For Software Product Line, it is required to prepare process and organizations.

Process example for development with Software Product Line
  • "Core Asset Development" Process and Organization
  • "Product Development" Process and Organization
  • "Core Asset Management" Process and Organization
Example of a deliverable specific to Software Product Line, which is created in each process
  • Feature Model
  • Product Line Architecture

To manage these deliverables properly, you need the management method suitable for deliverables specific to the user.Also, it is required to prepare a definition of a document format enabling the management and guidelines for the developers.


Implementation Process

To make Software Product Line successful, it is required to implement the implementation of the process and environment systematically.


From Process Definition to Operation

To establish the effective tool environment contributing to SPL activities, it is required to start reviewing it from the stage of process definition and implementation plan.For long time, we have successfully provided solutions for SPL, including development of a modeling tool for SPL: "ZIPC Feature" and participation in development of a traceability control tool platform: "ZIPC TERAS".

Introduction:ZIPC Feature

The key to Software Product Line success is development plans. ZIPC Feature is a modeling tool for variation analysis, which is the most important analysis for development plans.ZIPC Feature with which you can create feature models through simple operation support development of Software Product Line.


Introduction: ZIPC TERAS

Because there are so many items to check linkages among deliverables, manual operation is tough work.The management function for traceability among deliverables provided by ZIPC TERAS dramatically reduces repetitive reviews and impact scope confirmation work.Also, by collaborating with various tools including Microsoft Office , it makes registration of design information easy.ZIPC Feature collaborating with ZIPC TERAS provides traceability of feature models.


Support Service for Creation and Improvement of Upstream Documents

Do you define requirements properly?

As division of labor and globalization of development proceed, documents needs are growing. However, we hear a lot of problems are due to documents.Also, development documents complying with international standards per industrial area are demanded to export products.This service improves the requirement definition process required for these standards and supports problem solving related to documents.

Do you have these situations?

So far, when supporting customers' development, we have heard from them as below.

  • I don't know to what extent I should write on the document.
  • There are some misunderstandings with the suppliers and the contractors.
  • There are many omissions of specifications
  • The documents are understandable by the creators only.

How about in your working place?In Japan, there are only a few opportunities to be educated in not only software development but also document creation for business. Therefore, documentation has a lower priority.

Effects expected through this service

This service aims to improve development efficiency by creating proper documents without hesitation and eliminating communication errors through documents and reworking.Also, restoring "requirement" and "reason" unlikely to be communicated clearly in the high-context Japanese culture has the effect to clarify the judging criteria of validity of designs and tests.

  • You can immediately identify the readers to create documents.
  • Communication errors are reduced because validity of the specification can be judged by definition of requirements.
  • Reworking is minimized by defining specifications without omissions.

As a secondary effect, you can realize traceability required these days only when you define the requirements property.Because you can prove that design (architecture), implementation and tests are completed based on the requirements, you can explain them with confidence to a third party.

Service Content

This service consists of 3 improvement activities.
Firstly, we check the current development documents with you to clarify what has been done and what has not been done or needs improvement.At the time, we let you understand "mechanism of software development" and therefore we have acquired a favorable reputation especially from companies outsourcing software.Then, we define the required document referencing applicable standards depending on the industry of the product you are developing.If there is no reference standard, we use IEC29148 , which is an international standard for requirement engineering.

1. Assessment

We analyze current documents, see if there is information required for the design and see your way of writing may be vulnerable to errors.

2. Establishment of Document System

Referencing international standards as necessary, we define design methods and documents required for each process of software developmentAlso, we understand the mechanism of how communication errors occur outside of the process, and learn how to write required specifications preventing it.

3. Creation of required specifications without Omissions

This service features 3 tables: "USDM", "Organization Table for required specifications" and "State Transition Table" to be used depending on situations to prevent omissions in specifications. USDM focusing on "logical configuration", "Organization Table for required specifications" focusing on "sentence configuration" expressing structures, behaviors and performance requirements, and "State Transition Table" focusing on "states" of behavior complementing each other to help you find omissions.


Required specifications with USDM (Image)


Improved Comprehensiveness with Organization Table for Required Specifications

Flow of Service to Improve Upstream Documents

Service to Improve Upstream Documents plans depending on customers' situations and the representative flow is described as below.Firstly, we understand your current status and hold seminars and training for you.Then, after understanding the basics, we practice with an actual business theme accordingly and help you establish the skills.Anyway, do not hesitate to consult us about challenge you are facing.


Educational Support Service for Engineers of Embedded Systems

  • We put emphasis on mastering development methods focusing on upstream processes.
  • Based on ETSS "Education Guideline", we teach you the educational know-how of CATS.
  • However, it is never just about cramming knowledge into your heads. We focus on practical exercises to master skills useful for actual development.