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Challenge to embedded software development problem


Self-driving scenario-based verification platform

ZIPC GARDEN verifies self-driving software based on scenarios.
It is a comprehensive verification environment (platform) generating scenarios automatically and realizing precise and efficient verification with various simulators.


  • Extensive running tests are required to secure the quality of a self-driving system.
  • It is impossible to guarantee all scenes are covered.

Countermeasures (Implemented Content)

  • For targeted use cases such as scenes of junctions and accidents, a comprehensive scenario-based approach implementing verification should be introduced.
  • To introduce virtual simulation environment with parallel batch-processing for many scenarios.

Features of ZIPC GARDEN

1. Scenario-based approach is introduced to make scenarios from accumulated knowledge.

By extracting critical scenarios from "Road Traffic Law", "Guidelines", "Driving Data", "Accident Data", etc., it generates scenarios automatically based on rules for road signs and dynamic parameters.

2. The auto-generated extensive scenarios are narrowed down into feasible numbers with software test methods and rule models.

The logical combination is extracted with N-wisemethod.

3. The scenarios are executed by linking with UE4, CarSIM, MATLAB/Simulink, etc., and tests are implemented in a high-quality virtual environment.

In addition to high-quality visual images, you can reduce verification man-hours in real space by generating point group data through LiDARfunction.


Challenge to embedded software development problem

ZIPC Product Family

CATS's development support tools have their roots in Japanese-market embedded-software companies and workplaces, and include among their tools ZIPC which was created through efforts to develop high-quality, ultra-reliable electric power control software.
The extended hierarchical state transition matrix (EHSTM) method, which is at the very core of our tools, is one of the reasons our products are so widely supported.

Challenge to embedded software development problem

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