ZIPC Product Family

Challenge to embedded software development problem


Rule-based platform for edge intelligence

Rule-based light engine for embedded software&AI system development platform


It is too risky to completely rely on deep-learning type AI for life-critical controls such as self-driving.Therefore, it is important to control AI for monitoring derived from deep-learning AI so that it follows traffic laws and manners based on rules.


ZIPC R&B is a platform with a rule-based engine that can be embedded into an edge with its small footprint and with MBD tools modeling CEP (Complex Event Processing) in state transition. The target areas are all edges with intelligence, especially, it is especially attracting attention from businesses in the automotive area including ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems) and already has a proven track record.

Features of ZIPC R&B

It is a development environment where you can design rule-based engines quickly judging if a condition (rule) matches the status extracted from extensive information, and its rules, using Decision Table (DT) Editor.It supports C language and porting into various environments for embedded software is possible.

Operational Environment

OS Windows10
Memory 8GB or more
CPU CPU core i5 or more

ZIPC R&B 動運転システム高速化の検証

Verification to make the self-driving system operate faster

ZIPC R&B 自動運転エージェントで学ぶルールベースアーキテクチャ

Learn rule-based architecture with Self-Driving Agent.

ZIPC R&B グラフDBを活用したソフトウェア開発プロセスの可視化

Visualization of software development process leveraging Graphic DB

Challenge to embedded software development problem

ZIPC Product Family

CATS’ development support tools arose out of Japan’s embedded software scene, with one such example of this being ZIPC, which resulted from the Company’s efforts in electric power control-related software development, which prioritizes quality and reliability.
The extended hierarchical state transition matrix (EHSTM) method, which is at the very core of our tools, is one of the reasons our products are so widely supported.

Challenge to embedded software development problem

ZIPC Tool Chain